Flights and tastings

I have just returned from the most relaxing mini holiday.  We spent a lot of our time sampling good food and drinks.  Whiskey flights, gin flights, wine and cheese flights.  It was definitely a few days of decadence.


I am still relatively new to the appreciation of  whiskey and especially gin.  ‘Flights’ are a perfect way for new and experienced drinkers to sample and appreciate the different drinks.  What I really love is that certain places have knowledgable staff who really help to educate and enhance your tasting experience.  It’s a way to savour and appreciate the drinks! 


Spicy Pumpkin Soup

A great winter warmer with a spicy kick.  This soup is perfect for cold nights – especially when pumpkins is costing between 80-90cents a kilo!  


Recipe (rough guide only – season to taste)

  • 1 x Pumpkin
  • 270mls of Coconut Cream/Coconut Milk
  • 2 table spoons of red curry paste
  • Coriander (to garnish)
  1. Chop pumpkin to small chunks and bring to boil until soft
  2. Drain pumpkin and mash until smooth
  3. Return pumpkin to pot and add curry paste. Stirr until well mixed.
  4. Add coconut cream to mixture and stir to combine 
  5. Bring to boil then leave to simmer for 20mins
  6. Garnish and season to taste

I love this soup as there is nothing better than a warm, filling, cheap, and healthy meal for these cold winter nights.  Enjoy!


Sometimes the most precious things in life are those things we take for granted.  For example, quality time spent with family and the ones we love, the beauty of a natural sunrise or sunset, even the breath of clean fresh air in the morning.

I received the best hamper tonight containing all my favourite things:

However, it reminded me that these things I love so much are often best shared with others…especially those closest to you.  

I have been lucky to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to live in such a bountiful area, but I must also count my blessings and remember how lucky I am to have such wonderful people close to me to share it with. 

Apple and Cinnamon Loaf

In my attempt to venture into the world of bread and loaf baking in particular – here is one of my early successful attempts.  This recipe worked beautifully and only required the use of 2 apples.  It’s a great recipe particularly for this time of year when apples are cheap.

The other day, on a little road trip we drove past this house with a tiny sign out the front saying “$1 apples and lemons”.  To the right of the sign, sitting along the fence was this green wooden cart with bags of apples and lemons in it along with a glass jar for ‘honesty donations’.  Further along, another home was doing a similar thing with herbs and other fruits that they grew as well.  I love seeing and promoting such scenes.  Many people grow in excess of what their family can eat, and why not, sell it to passers by.  To me, it is a great example of minimising food wastage and encouraging people to grow, buy and sell more of locally home grown products.

So we came home with a bag of apples to use up when I found this recipe which was perfect for it.  The loaf turned out moist, soft, and superbly delicious.  All credits go to the person who created the recipe of course!  I can’t remember where on the internet I found it now – but it was amazing!  We even made another batch a few days later to take on a road trip.


To New Beginnings

IMG_0023 I’ve just had the most wonderful and exciting opportunity to transition my life from an urban metropolis to live in regional/rural Australia.  This blog has been created to help document my journey, including the new experiences and challenges that such a move brings. IMG_0984 I have now been living in this beautiful island state for 4 months – and I am loving every bit of it!  Perhaps it is still the ‘honeymoon’ phase, but slowly, each and every day (well…days that I am not working) with the more I see and explore, this place is certainly growing on me.  The ease of travel, relaxed lifestyle, clean fresh air, and being so much more in touch with nature and the origins of the food you eat are just some of the things that I really appreciate about living here. Sure, there are negatives, however, there are negatives with each and every town and city in the world.  For me, not knowing ANYONE (apart from work colleagues) was definitely a major negative.  It is always difficult to re-establish your support networks in a new city.  But I have been blessed with wonderful neighbours who have made me feel right at home.  From the fresh vegetables from their veggie garden left on my porch to the surprise Easter eggs on Easter Sunday – they have really shown me that it is the little things that count.  Such simple gestures from your neighbours when you are new to a town are priceless.  This is also something that I never experienced living in a metropolitan city.

Anyway, welcome to my blog 🙂 I hope you enjoy my journey with me xo