Apple and Cinnamon Loaf

In my attempt to venture into the world of bread and loaf baking in particular – here is one of my early successful attempts.  This recipe worked beautifully and only required the use of 2 apples.  It’s a great recipe particularly for this time of year when apples are cheap.

The other day, on a little road trip we drove past this house with a tiny sign out the front saying “$1 apples and lemons”.  To the right of the sign, sitting along the fence was this green wooden cart with bags of apples and lemons in it along with a glass jar for ‘honesty donations’.  Further along, another home was doing a similar thing with herbs and other fruits that they grew as well.  I love seeing and promoting such scenes.  Many people grow in excess of what their family can eat, and why not, sell it to passers by.  To me, it is a great example of minimising food wastage and encouraging people to grow, buy and sell more of locally home grown products.

So we came home with a bag of apples to use up when I found this recipe which was perfect for it.  The loaf turned out moist, soft, and superbly delicious.  All credits go to the person who created the recipe of course!  I can’t remember where on the internet I found it now – but it was amazing!  We even made another batch a few days later to take on a road trip.



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