Wallaby Mince Pizza

Living in a regional town means that takeaway options are much less readily available.  No more MenuLog or getting home delivery from an option of at least 10 different restaurants in your locality.  But, that is why I love living here.  For lazy nights in, we make simple cheap meals which are are much healthier and economical option that the ‘convenient’ takeaways.

Wallaby mince was on cheap for $4.50 for 500grams today so we decided to make some wallaby mince pizza.


For extra flavour I added some birds eye chilli to the mince whilst cooking and some jalapeños on top.  Firstly, I cooked the wallaby mince with onions and added some spices to taste along with the chilli. 

   I used a pizza dough recipe from taste.com substituting plain flour for wholemeal (which I find gives it more flavour).

 This ended up making 2 pizzas with some mince still to spare.   A much more economical (and still very easy option) than takeaway delivery for a lazy Sunday night!  


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