Minimalism – Did They Have It Right?

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My Housewife Life

There seems to be a minimalism movement going on at the moment.  It’s like we’ve had enough of the race to keep up with those around us, aiming higher, and now we’ve decided to let it all go and turn in the opposite direction.  Is this just a sign of defeat?  Is it people rebelling?  Or is it just a realisation that we don’t need all of these material possessions?

I would like to think that I don’t live in a cluttered environment, maybe more so before my partner moved in.  I moved into a small townhouse, I would think it has ample storage most of which was empty or only had a few things in it.  I don’t do a great deal with my spare time, but my “clutter” is books, sewing/crochet supplies and kitchenware.  Mostly it’s all in the kitchen, I need an overflow cupboard and a bigger…

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Hot Sauce

I made my first ever hot sauce thanks to ‘Horrific Knits’.  For a spicy/chilli lover – it may be surprising for many that I have never attempted my own hot sauce before.  But with the abundance of fresh chills, dried chills, and just making a simple Thai styled sauce with fresh chilli, fish sauce and lime juice – It has been quite easy to not find the necessity to make my own hot sauce.

This recipe is amazing and simple!  I’ll definitely be making more in the future.  As always, making your own food always has that appeal and beauty in terms of appreciating the hard work that goes into creating it, knowing exactly what ingredients are used, and it generally has much better value for money!

Thank you ‘Horrific Knits’ for the wonderful recipe


The Sixth Month Mark

It’s now been six months since I moved to Tasmania.

As many people would be familiar with – there is always a honeymoon phase when you move to a new city.


Due to the stress of work and lack of ‘down time’ – I definitely felt like I was in a rutt at one point.  Not so much in my happiness of living here – but more so in relation to what I am ‘doing with myself’.

Having just had 4 days off work, I am much more refreshed and feel like I have gotten myself back together again.  A little rest and recuperation was definitely what my body and soul needed.

Plus, we finally got some ‘REAL’ furniture for our humble home.  I am so happy.  This is definitely an upgrade from the share apartments I’d previously lived in.

IMG_1674 IMG_1673

To more adventures in beautiful Tassie!