The Sixth Month Mark

It’s now been six months since I moved to Tasmania.

As many people would be familiar with – there is always a honeymoon phase when you move to a new city.


Due to the stress of work and lack of ‘down time’ – I definitely felt like I was in a rutt at one point.  Not so much in my happiness of living here – but more so in relation to what I am ‘doing with myself’.

Having just had 4 days off work, I am much more refreshed and feel like I have gotten myself back together again.  A little rest and recuperation was definitely what my body and soul needed.

Plus, we finally got some ‘REAL’ furniture for our humble home.  I am so happy.  This is definitely an upgrade from the share apartments I’d previously lived in.

IMG_1674 IMG_1673

To more adventures in beautiful Tassie!


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