Minimalism – Did They Have It Right?

A great post on life and what we value:

My Housewife Life

There seems to be a minimalism movement going on at the moment.  It’s like we’ve had enough of the race to keep up with those around us, aiming higher, and now we’ve decided to let it all go and turn in the opposite direction.  Is this just a sign of defeat?  Is it people rebelling?  Or is it just a realisation that we don’t need all of these material possessions?

I would like to think that I don’t live in a cluttered environment, maybe more so before my partner moved in.  I moved into a small townhouse, I would think it has ample storage most of which was empty or only had a few things in it.  I don’t do a great deal with my spare time, but my “clutter” is books, sewing/crochet supplies and kitchenware.  Mostly it’s all in the kitchen, I need an overflow cupboard and a bigger…

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