Chunky Apple Sauce

I recently acquired my mother’s ”The All New Joy of Cookingcookbook.  The ‘bible’ of cooking as per my mother – it has been by far one of the best hand-me-downs I have received from her!

Yesterday, we went on a road trip around the countryside and came across some apples being sold on the roadside by the local apple farm.  It was an honesty system with apples bagged in crates and a money box for passersby to leave their payment.  We left with 2kg of apples.

Once we returned home, I was trying to think of what to do with the apples and thought to look through my new cookbook.

Here was my first attempt of making homemade apple sauce:

I may have (as per usual) slightly varied the recipe.  In this case, we neither had Apple juice or Apple cider, we instead had Apple cider vinegar.  This gave the sauce I slight sour/vinegar taste.  However, this was easily balanced by adding more sugar, lemon and spices.  Next time, with more preparation, I will try the recipe with the actual ingredients recommended.




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