7 Things ENT Surgeons Can Learn From the Hairdressers

Eric Levi

I’ve been to the hairdressers many times in my life time (that’s an indication that I’m not balding, yet). I’m mostly a drive-through type. I go when I have a free 18minutes and 30seconds from my schedule, and make my way to the nearest hairdresser/stylist/barber/butcher, or anyone with a comb and a pair of scissors. No appointments, no fancy styles, no funky hair products. Cut and run, I say. I have accepted the way I look, such that no hairstyle (or lack thereof) could ever make me look better or worse, unlike some of my female ENT colleagues who need about 4 hours and $400 dollars to look gloriously presentable (and their expensive hair get stuffed into a surgical scrub cap anyway).

The last time I went to my local Italian barber, I pondered about the things that I could learn from them. You see, our art is similar. My…

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