Chunky Apple Sauce

I recently acquired my mother’s ”The All New Joy of Cookingcookbook.  The ‘bible’ of cooking as per my mother – it has been by far one of the best hand-me-downs I have received from her!

Yesterday, we went on a road trip around the countryside and came across some apples being sold on the roadside by the local apple farm.  It was an honesty system with apples bagged in crates and a money box for passersby to leave their payment.  We left with 2kg of apples.

Once we returned home, I was trying to think of what to do with the apples and thought to look through my new cookbook.

Here was my first attempt of making homemade apple sauce:

I may have (as per usual) slightly varied the recipe.  In this case, we neither had Apple juice or Apple cider, we instead had Apple cider vinegar.  This gave the sauce I slight sour/vinegar taste.  However, this was easily balanced by adding more sugar, lemon and spices.  Next time, with more preparation, I will try the recipe with the actual ingredients recommended.




Apple pies and pistachios 

It’s winter time and not many fruits are in season at the moment.  I managed to buy 2kg of apples for $2 over the weekend.  

Today, I came home to another wonderful surprise from the Mister.  Little actions of thoughtfulness really do add up – particularly when you live together and the excitement of date nights do not happen as often as your dating days.

With the use of some leftover puff pastry,  apples, cinnamon and sultanas – a delicious apple ‘pie’ was made.  The crust was coated in honey, butter, and pistachios.  


Hot Sauce

I made my first ever hot sauce thanks to ‘Horrific Knits’.  For a spicy/chilli lover – it may be surprising for many that I have never attempted my own hot sauce before.  But with the abundance of fresh chills, dried chills, and just making a simple Thai styled sauce with fresh chilli, fish sauce and lime juice – It has been quite easy to not find the necessity to make my own hot sauce.

This recipe is amazing and simple!  I’ll definitely be making more in the future.  As always, making your own food always has that appeal and beauty in terms of appreciating the hard work that goes into creating it, knowing exactly what ingredients are used, and it generally has much better value for money!

Thank you ‘Horrific Knits’ for the wonderful recipe


Shepherd’s Pie

There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up to the smell of a delicious meal cooking in the kitchen.  After working a series of night shifts I was completely and absolutely exhausted.  I’d promised Mister than I would cook dinner but wound up falling asleep.  To my surprise,  I woke up to him making a Shepherd’s pie (definitely some Brownie points there!).


What other thoughtful things have your partner or significant other done for you?

Wallaby Mince Pizza

Living in a regional town means that takeaway options are much less readily available.  No more MenuLog or getting home delivery from an option of at least 10 different restaurants in your locality.  But, that is why I love living here.  For lazy nights in, we make simple cheap meals which are are much healthier and economical option that the ‘convenient’ takeaways.

Wallaby mince was on cheap for $4.50 for 500grams today so we decided to make some wallaby mince pizza.


For extra flavour I added some birds eye chilli to the mince whilst cooking and some jalapeños on top.  Firstly, I cooked the wallaby mince with onions and added some spices to taste along with the chilli. 

   I used a pizza dough recipe from substituting plain flour for wholemeal (which I find gives it more flavour).

 This ended up making 2 pizzas with some mince still to spare.   A much more economical (and still very easy option) than takeaway delivery for a lazy Sunday night!  

Assorted stew

We flew back late into town the other night after our flight got delayed.  By the time we got home, it was chilly and we definitely needed some warming up after a fews day away in warmer temperatures. 

I decided to chuck a few ingredients together and managed to make a hearty warming stew for dinner.  Surprisingly, despite the random combination of ingredients, it worked out tasting pretty well.


  • 500grams minced beef  
  • 1 capsicum 
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 2 potatoes
  • Cayenne peppers (I used 3 – one red, green, and yellow for variety)
  • 1 broccoli 
  • 1 can of red kidney beans 
  • 2 onions
  • 3 gloves garlic 
  • Vegetable stock 
  • Tomato paste (to taste)
  • Paprika (to taste)
  • Curry powder (to taste)
  • Pepper


Spicy Pumpkin Soup

A great winter warmer with a spicy kick.  This soup is perfect for cold nights – especially when pumpkins is costing between 80-90cents a kilo!  


Recipe (rough guide only – season to taste)

  • 1 x Pumpkin
  • 270mls of Coconut Cream/Coconut Milk
  • 2 table spoons of red curry paste
  • Coriander (to garnish)
  1. Chop pumpkin to small chunks and bring to boil until soft
  2. Drain pumpkin and mash until smooth
  3. Return pumpkin to pot and add curry paste. Stirr until well mixed.
  4. Add coconut cream to mixture and stir to combine 
  5. Bring to boil then leave to simmer for 20mins
  6. Garnish and season to taste

I love this soup as there is nothing better than a warm, filling, cheap, and healthy meal for these cold winter nights.  Enjoy!

Apple and Cinnamon Loaf

In my attempt to venture into the world of bread and loaf baking in particular – here is one of my early successful attempts.  This recipe worked beautifully and only required the use of 2 apples.  It’s a great recipe particularly for this time of year when apples are cheap.

The other day, on a little road trip we drove past this house with a tiny sign out the front saying “$1 apples and lemons”.  To the right of the sign, sitting along the fence was this green wooden cart with bags of apples and lemons in it along with a glass jar for ‘honesty donations’.  Further along, another home was doing a similar thing with herbs and other fruits that they grew as well.  I love seeing and promoting such scenes.  Many people grow in excess of what their family can eat, and why not, sell it to passers by.  To me, it is a great example of minimising food wastage and encouraging people to grow, buy and sell more of locally home grown products.

So we came home with a bag of apples to use up when I found this recipe which was perfect for it.  The loaf turned out moist, soft, and superbly delicious.  All credits go to the person who created the recipe of course!  I can’t remember where on the internet I found it now – but it was amazing!  We even made another batch a few days later to take on a road trip.