Apple pies and pistachios 

It’s winter time and not many fruits are in season at the moment.  I managed to buy 2kg of apples for $2 over the weekend.  

Today, I came home to another wonderful surprise from the Mister.  Little actions of thoughtfulness really do add up – particularly when you live together and the excitement of date nights do not happen as often as your dating days.

With the use of some leftover puff pastry,  apples, cinnamon and sultanas – a delicious apple ‘pie’ was made.  The crust was coated in honey, butter, and pistachios.  



Shepherd’s Pie

There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up to the smell of a delicious meal cooking in the kitchen.  After working a series of night shifts I was completely and absolutely exhausted.  I’d promised Mister than I would cook dinner but wound up falling asleep.  To my surprise,  I woke up to him making a Shepherd’s pie (definitely some Brownie points there!).


What other thoughtful things have your partner or significant other done for you?